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President's Address

  • President's Address

Ambition represents persistent pursuit;erudition means knowledgeable; honesty implies sincere and open-minded.

Over the years, Zhiboxin has madesome achievements in the high-density circuit board market based on its loftyfooting, hardworking spirit and dedicated cultivation. Zhiboxin people adhereto the entrepreneurial concept that "achievement is founded on diligenceand success is from thinking", and all of our people insist on the diligence,firm and sincere aim andstrategic leadership.

We are well aware that only when enterprises become stronger and bigger, can they better protect the vitalinterests of employees, create new values for our customers more effectively,thus have stronger market competitiveness, take social responsibility with arobust body, and reflect the social value of the enterprise. Therefore, we have established the enterprise development strategy of "insisting on long-terminvestment to found industry aircraft carrier in 10 years", so as torealize the profit model of value maximization.

We firmly believe that thelong-term development of enterprises can only be achieved with lofty aspirations, vigorous efforts and mutual encouragement and honesty. Therefore,we are people-oriented, adhere to integrity, and seek to work together with allsectors of society to create an enterprise space of "high-quality survival, high-level competition, high-level development".

Looking back on the past, thehardship of entrepreneurship, the hesitation of setbacks and the joy of success have all been transformed into unforgettable memories and become the eternal treasure in the hearts of every Zhiboxin people.

Looking into the future, time andspace change quickly and there is still a long way to go to build our century foundation.

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