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Jiangxi Zhiboxin Technology Co.,Ltd. (abbreviated as "Zhiboxin") was founded in March 2010, which is mainly engaged in the production and manufacture of rigid multi-layer circuitboards and high density (HDI) circuit boards. The products are widely used incomputer, communication, automobile, digital equipment, intelligent wear andother industries. After years of development and accumulation, the company hasgradually expanded in size. In order to meet the market demand, Zhiboxin waslisted on the New OTC Market in August 2016 and formally renamed as Jiangxi Zhiboxin Technology Co., Ltd. The Company has a floor area of 120,000,plant area of 80,000,and independent living quarters of 40,000,with a total investment of RMB 600 million yuan.

Zhiboxin attaches great importanceto talent training and has more than 800 employees at present. It has introduced and trained hundreds of professional and technical personnel,continuously strengthened the construction of management echelon and created aprofessional and efficient talent team. In recent years, according to the development plan, the company has gradually expanded its production scale and continuously introduced domestic and foreign production and inspection equipment.At present, it has the technological ability to manufacture 2-30+ layers ofhigh-speed multi-layer, HDI, buried/blind holes and other circuit boards, with a total capacity of 100,000/month, of which the monthly capacity of HDI board can reach 60,000.

Zhiboxin has been adhering to the lofty mission of "revitalizing the national electronic industry".Over the years, Zhiboxin has gained a good reputation in various electronic industries with its excellent quality and service.

Looking at the present, Zhiboxin people dare to challenge and forge ahead!

Facing the future, Zhiboxin people are ready to take the initiative and sail!

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