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Development History

  • Development History

      Future Positioning

High-quality manufacturers and serviceproviders for 4G, 5G and supporting terminals.

       In 2021

Jiangxi Zhiboxin Technology Co., Ltd isexpected to complete the IPO procedure and all employees will share thebenefits of the harvest.

        In 2020

ZhiboxinZhuhai Manufacturing Center will be constructed. Its mainproducts are: third-order HDI and packaging substrate project. Its annualoutput value is estimated to be 1.5 billion yuan, and the monthly output ofhigh-order HDI is 100,000㎡.

         In January 2019

   Zhiboxin Jiangxi Manufacturing Center Phase2 was officially put into operation, with an estimated annual output value of 1billion   RMB and a monthly HDI capacity of 60,000after fullproduction.

         In April 2018

 JiangxiZhiboxin Technology Co., Ltd. formally entered the IPO procedure.

         In August 2016

Jiangxi Zhiboxin Technology Co., Ltd. waslisted on the New OTC(Over the Counter) Market, and the company was renamedJiangxi Zhiboxin Technology Co., Ltd, with the stock code of 838930.

         In July 2012

ZhiboxinJiangxi Manufacturing Center Phase 1 was formally completed and put into operation,with a monthly production capacity of 40,000 .

        In March 2010

 Jiangxi Zhiboxin Technology Co., Ltd wasestablished and prepared to build Jiangxi Manufacturing Center.

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